To meet the demand of quality yarn and fabric the local and international market Glamour Fashion Group started the spinning unit in 1992 .Like other project of Glamour Fashion Group Glamour Fashion 's Spinning unit has always been a mark of success in the country. Working strength of 35,984 spindles is supported by OTHORI TRUTCHZILER BLOW ROOM of the very latest model. It has cards and chamber draw frame fly frame from HOWA,JAPAN. Glamour Fashion Spinning production includes the following counts: In Ring Spun yarn from Ne 10/1 to Ne 100/1 carded and combed and in O.E yarn from Ne 6/1 to Ne 16/1 carded of high quality yarn. At the moment all types of yarn e.g. combed, carded, Knitting slub & open end Yarn are being spun to cater domestic and export requirement.

Redefining the art of Textiles:

Glamour Fashion specializes in producing high class fabric products.