To accommodate the demand of our state of the art made-ups, we have established the Glamour Fashion Stitching division. This division is equipped with advanced and up-to-date technology which enables us to efficiently mass produce in order to keep up with the growing desires of our customers. This plant is designed to maintain Glamour Fashion's international product standards and consists of advanced equipment such as the latest automatic and manual sewing machines. Also present are Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic machines including cloth spreading, cutting machines and multifunction sewing machines used as tools to tune in the counts. The plant is centrally air-conditioned and its dust proof environment facilitates our staff in maintaining our quality standards. Presence of a sampling workshop and design studio enables us to have a broad spectrum analysis of the season's trends. The plant produces 3 million made-up sets per year with the future possibility of expansion in reciprocation to the demand.

  • 475 machines with a capacity of 400,000 sets/month
  • Fusing machine especially for placement and tie back's production
  • 2 multi head embroidery machines from TAJIMA up to 9 colors
  • 7 Single needle Quilting machines
  • 2 multi needle quilting machines
  • Centrally Air-conditioned & dust proof environment for better and cleaner environment

    Redefining the art of Textiles:

    Glamour Fashion specializes in producing high class fabric products.